Burden of Proof (private, DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC W/OUT PD APPROVAL)

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In the winter of 1987, a fifteen-year-old girl goes missing from her bedroom in a gated community in Virginia. There is a note on her bed. Her older brother Stephen, away at college, is told that his sister ran away. For 22 years, Stephen believes this to be true—until 2009, when police questioning reveals that his father is a suspect in his sister’s disappearance and his mother might be withholding important information. Since then, Stephen has struggled to find the truth and hopes it’s not a family’s worst nightmare.

Emmy- and Peabody-winning director Cynthia Hill (Private Violence, HBO 2014) continues her work documenting the effects of power, control, and domestic violence. More concerned with the emotional aftermath of a crime than the whodunnit, Hill embeds her film crew within Stephen’s turbulent journey for peace and justice. Unfolding up to the 30-year-anniversary of his sister’s disappearance, Burden of Proof considers what is most important in the aftermath of unthinkable tragedy—justice or mercy—and which can ultimately bring healing to a family torn apart.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Cynthia Hill