Adventures of T-Man: Autism and the Quest for Independence

‘Adventures of T-Man’ is a coming of age story about Terrence, a 26-year-old African American man with high-functioning autism living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Curious, earnest, but naïve, he yearns to live an independent life, despite the many obstacles. When he’s chosen by a financial technology firm to be part of a pilot program hiring […]

Rockfish Stew

We are a documentary company that employs a process and style that poet Ross Gay calls “lyric research”, in reference to Sam Stephenson’s book, Gene Smith’s Sink. Gay writes, “It’s a wandering and associative research, and in this way, it has as much to do with poetry as ‘documentary’ or ‘non-fiction’.” As a collective, we work with […]

Bipolar Girl Rules the World

From the storm of filmmaker Dawn Dreyer’s two-decade struggle with mental illness, alter-egos Bipolar Girl and Kacey the Wonder Dog emerged to fight the villains of depression, shame, and perfectionism, wielding their superpowers of persistence, compassion, and dark humor. Pieces of Dawn’s story alternate with other first person narratives, each animated by a different artist. […]