Saltwata Vibes: Sankofa Seeds from Geechee Roots (working title)

Saltwata follows the brother and sister – children of Ron and Natalie Daise, from popular 1990s Nickelodeon TV show “Gullah Gullah Island”. Chronicling their generation of Gullah Geechee, together they face the challenges of finding an identity when you are born within a culture, that is within a culture, that is within a culture. The […]

Captain Scott B and the Ingredients for a Magical Life (working title)

Betsy’s father, Scott, was her best friend. When he dies following a 4-year dance with cancer, Betsy finds herself lost in dark sadness unlike any she’d known, until her dad’s old home movies and journals cast a light. Something in the unmitigated joy of Scott’s storytelling stirs her soul and she sets about finishing the […]

The Lost Cause: A New Southern History

The Lost Cause: A New Southern History is a feature documentary about the unexpected removal of Confederate monuments in Raleigh, North Carolina from the capitol grounds. The film will be told from the perspective of black and brown activists working to increase police accountability in the city. 2020-09-17Civil Rights & Social Justice|History & Biography Director: Devine Utley Producer: […]

This Belongs to Us

The practice of brewing beer is as old as human civilization. It is a craft that was originally practiced by women in parts of the world we now refer to as Africa and the East, but looking at the modern, craft brewing industry in the United States, you would never know.The epicenter of this industry […]

Rockfish Stew

We are a documentary company that employs a process and style that poet Ross Gay calls “lyric research”, in reference to Sam Stephenson’s book, Gene Smith’s Sink. Gay writes, “It’s a wandering and associative research, and in this way, it has as much to do with poetry as ‘documentary’ or ‘non-fiction’.” As a collective, we work with […]

When Porgy Came Home

Since 1935, the opera Porgy and Bess has received national and worldwide acclaim, yet it did not debut in Charleston, SC – the city of its birth – until 1970 due to racial tension. The amateur production received national attention and was credited for “bringing the races together.” Every cast member went on to do […]

Cumberland Folklife

The Cumberland Folklife series consists of six episodes, all looking at Appalachian handicraft and musical traditions. The cornerstone episode, soon to be completed, is a feature-length documentary on the legendary Sharp family of Jamestown, Tennessee. The Sharp family has inspired intrigue amongst ethnomusicologists and folklorists for decades. Our documentary features Opal and Evelene, two of […]


Much of America’s rich history is being lost to time. In the South, vast amounts of African-American grave sites and burial grounds for enslaved persons have been disappearing over the years. In Virginia alone, stories of thousands at rest could vanish from history altogether if these locations are not restored. Those with personal connections to […]

You Gave Me A Song: The Life and Music of Alice Gerrard

At 84, old-time music pioneer Alice Gerrard performs, teaches, and inspires the next generation while safeguarding memories from her groundbreaking past. YOU GAVE ME A SONG offers an intimate portrait of old-time music pioneer Alice Gerrard and her remarkable, unpredictable journey creating and preserving traditional music. The film follows eighty-four year old Gerrard over several […]

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice is a full-length documentary about a seminal moment in American history. In 1936, 18 African-American Olympians defy Jim Crow segregation and Nazi racism and sail to Berlin to compete in the Olympic Games. History remembers the accomplishments of only one of them. This is the story of the other 17. The […]