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Overland is an adventurous modern‐day odyssey thru the portal of the ancient art of falconry. In spite of dwindling wilderness, tense geopolitical relations and vanishing cultural traditions, falconers engage in a rare and challenging partnership with birds of prey. Our characters immerse in dramatic landscapes from the American prairies, to the Scottish moors, to the Mediterranean coast, to Arabian Gulf to the Mongolian steppes as they pursue a backstage pass to nature through this ultimate balance of grace and aggression. Overland is character‐driven exploration of the fragile traditions, enchanting landscapes, poetic thoughts, and suspenseful moments of a dynamic cast falconers around the world, and the curious chain of events that connects them.

Our falconers are wrestling demons ‐ their beloved landscapes are perishing, the species they hunt and the birds they adore are at risk. We will explore the haunted archetype of the falconer, the fragility of his ecosystem, and the awesome forces of nature that drive him to devote endless time and energy into a relationship with an apex predator incapable of loving him back…

Environment & Nature


Elisabeth Haviland James &
Revere La Noue