Satana Deberry

Black officials in cities with significant black populations face a unique task. They are elected by everyone, to protect everyone, knowing all too well that the worst crimes and policies affect their own race. This feature-length film will explore those tensions, as well as the possibilities for real change, by following two black officials elected […]

Natour’s Grocery

Filmmaker Nadine Natour turns her lens on her parents and her hometown, Appomattox, VA, to capture the story of her parents’ emigration from Palestine to the United States. A view of the 2020 election from the most American of settings: a convenience store run by immigrants in the town where the Civil War ended.  Director […]

These Kids This City

These Kids This City is a film about the young people of Liberty City Miami and its infamous bike culture, showcased on its unofficial Martin Luther King Day holiday; where thousands flood the streets with their dirt bikes and four wheelers riding in a form of rebellion and community. In light of a hate crime […]

The Neutral Ground

THE NEUTRAL GROUND is a feature length documentary about New Orleans’ fight over monuments and America’s centuries-long relationship with the Lost Cause. THE NEUTRAL GROUND follows writer and comedian CJ Hunt as he satirically documents the struggle to remove and the struggle to preserve New Orleans’ confederate monuments. After witnessing this fight in his adopted […]

Wilmington on Fire: Chapter II

A global spotlight fell on the United States in the summer of 2019, as the nation held a congressional hearing on reparations for African Americans in Washington, DC. The world watched as historians, writers, scholars, activists, and politicians testified and made the case to create a commission (H.R. 40) to study the effects of slavery, […]

The First Cut

The Black barbershop is a sanctuary. It is Saturday morning’s babysitter and Saturday night’s self esteem. The relationship between Black barbers and their clients is an intimate one, which makes the barbershop a safe haven for talking sports, talking politics, talking women, and talking shit. With Grammy-nominated, Durham-native Phonte Coleman at the helm, THE FIRST […]