Baartman, Beyoncé & Me examines the historical context, and social and psychological impact of Western beauty ideals on black females. With filmmaker Natalie Bullock Brown serving as guide through the telling of her story and the stories of other black women, Baartman, Beyoncé, & Me will seek to challenge and complicate our most fundamental notions of what it means to be beautiful, examine how who is beautiful and who is not is often an imposed designation, and reclaim the power to self define. A portion of the film’s journey will include exploration into how the megastar, Beyoncé, both subverts and engages with American and global beauty ideals, and performs within the legacy of Sarah Baartman. Most importantly, in the end, the film will celebrate black sisterhood, and encourage black women to not only embrace and love themselves, but also encourage them to extend that love to each other.


Director | Natalie Bullock Brown