Bipolar Girl Rules the World

From the storm of filmmaker Dawn Dreyer’s two-decade struggle with mental illness, alter-egos Bipolar Girl and Kacey the Wonder Dog emerged to fight the villains of depression, shame, and perfectionism, wielding their superpowers of persistence, compassion, and dark humor. Pieces of Dawn’s story alternate with other first person narratives, each animated by a different artist. Hei-Yesh Broom, a young African American woman from New Orleans, details her circumscribed life caring for her grandmother, her ambivalence about taking medication, and her creative outlets: knitting, writing, and music. elin o’hara, a white woman and professor in her forties, explores the relevance of her political art and what it means to be a mother contemplating suicide. Dr. Zenglo Chen begins his story in the Chinese Cultural Revolution: “I start my depression when I was close to 4 years old. My parents were prosecuted and they’d been taken away. I felt tremendous fear: hopeless, helpless, and paralyzed.” Iona Pearl Reid-Eaton, a student at Hampshire College, identifies as multiracial. Having dealt with depression since being bullied in middle school and possessing debilitatingly high performance expectations, Iona Pearl speaks very much from the midst of her suffering. Join these fellow travelers as they report from the world of mental illness with powerful stories of vulnerability, suffering, determination, creativity, and grace.

Director | Dawn Dreyer