Told from a first-person account, this film targets the inadequacies of taking the “safe until proven dangerous” method of regulating environmental pollutants. The documentary–a synthesis of expert knowledge, first person accounts, archival footage, and on the ground science–makes the case that environmental regulation should follow the precautionary principle. That is, pollutants should be considered dangerous until proven otherwise. We do this by examining the pollutant class known as PFAS. 

This class of mostly unregulated chemical pollutants is a case of dangerous, bio-persistent toxicants running rampant through the nation’s water supply. Though these compounds are ubiquitous and toxic even at extremely low levels, traditional regulatory methods have been unable to combat high levels of PFAS pollution. This has left millions of Americans to ingest these compounds and suffer the years-long medical consequences for nearly five decades, and continues to this very day.

Director | Elijah Yetter-Bowman
Producers | Bri Mellott, Carrie Lederer, Ray Ellis, Gill Holland, & Diane Robertson