Olympic Pride, American Prejudice is a full-length documentary about a seminal moment in American history. In 1936, 18 African-American Olympians defy Jim Crow segregation and Nazi racism and sail to Berlin to compete in the Olympic Games. History remembers the accomplishments of only one of them. This is the story of the other 17. The 88-minute film follows the lives of 16 black men and 2 black women as they reverse stereotypes and show the world their courage, strength, athleticism and humanity during the contentious 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. In spite of the complexity and polarity of their world, these athletes approach their participation in the Olympics as important not only to their country but to their race. They are acutely aware that their success could change the perception of African Americans and tear down the racist propaganda in both the U.S. and Germany.


Director | Deborah Riley Draper