Through images and interviews black women image makers and educators, families and friends, link arms to tell a true story— around the world, compelled by love and fear, communities are rising up to to protect and ensure the voice of black girls.

“The day that she realized she deserves better was when I felt she was the most beautiful. She used to try so hard to please him. When she stopped doing that, came into her own, and realized her self-worth that’s when she was the most beautiful.” -Friend of a TBP girl

The Beautiful Project’s Revolution Runs Deep in the Light and the Dark: A Photography Exhibition Celebrating the Beauty and Nuance of Black Girls and Women captures ten years of images and text reflecting who black girls say they are and how their community of family, mentors, and friends rise up to help them remember. Revolution Runs Deep will create thoughtful spaces for communities to celebrate, learn, engage, and challenge representations of black women and girls in their communities. In these spaces, women and girls also become shapers, makers, and contributors to the canon of images and narratives often created about them without them.

Director | Jamaica Gilmer