The Horn Boys

Ten peace-loving Moravian musicians join the Confederate Army as a regimental band, and find themselves playing polkas and waltzes on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. They unload field ambulances and help the surgeons with the amputations, and nurse the wounded and the dying, and bury piles of amputated limbs and play music for the living soldiers. After three years of war and brass band music, they find their way back home, and put their lives back together again.

The Horn Boys is a documentary – in a style not unlike an episode of Ken Burns’ CIVIL WAR. It is written, directed and produced by two professors from the UNCSA Film School in collaboration with the Moravian Historical and Music Foundations. The story draws on a Horn Boy diary along with letters home from another Horn Boy – using historical photos and some dramatic reenactment footage using actors and crew from the pool of UNCSA film graduates.

Arts & Culture|History & Biography


Wayne Crawford &
Bill Mai