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Lost Bomber

The Tulsamerican, American WW2 bomber vanished from the face of the earth 68 years ago. It was not just any bomber. It was the very

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There once was a town called Mossville; a community rich in natural resources and history, founded by former slaves and free people of color, where

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Baartman, Beyoncé & Me

Baartman, Beyoncé & Me examines the historical context, and social and psychological impact of Western beauty ideals on black females. With filmmaker Natalie Bullock Brown serving

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Rockfish Stew

We are a documentary company that employs a process and style that poet Ross Gay calls “lyric research”, in reference to Sam Stephenson’s book, Gene Smith’s

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The Neutral Ground

THE NEUTRAL GROUND is a feature length documentary about New Orleans’ fight over monuments and America’s centuries-long relationship with the Lost Cause. THE NEUTRAL GROUND

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After the stress of prison life, six women find themselves nurtured and supported in a calm, agricultural sanctuary when they move to Benevolence Farm, a

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