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Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Benson Five

A documentary about the 1968 Benson Affair, when five young black men sought to burn down their town’s KKK headquarters building in Benson, North Carolina,

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The Lowcountry

Charleston’s genteel tourist reverie was broken in 2015 by two shootings that pulled back the façade exposing the Southern city’s long-standing but often obscured racial

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Moving Midway

In Moving Midway, award-winning Southern film critic Godfrey Cheshire uses the relocation of his family’s North Carolina plantation as an occasion to examine the Southern plantation

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Fed up with the Republican Party’s crippling control of politics in North Carolina, a group of first-time, female, Democratic candidates for the North Carolina House

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Pinball paints a portrait of contemporary immigrant suburbia in Louisville through Yosef, a 19-year old Iraqi-American boy. He is at a crossroads in his adolescence

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Peace in Our Pockets

Peace in Our Pockets follows the inspirational Kenyan activists of Sisi ni Amani as they promote civic engagement, build democracy, and defuse violence in the

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