United Skates

This feature length film documents an underground subculture growing inside our country’s last standing roller rinks, from LA to North Carolina to Chicago, shedding light on the recurring pattern of racial struggle through this undiscovered artistic movement. Awarded production grant. Director | Tina Brown & Dyana Winkler www.unitedskatesfilm.com


Bloodthicker is an atmospheric exploration of New Orleans’ contemporary rap community as seen through the eyes of three artists and friends whom share a unique bond through the shared legacies of their fathers. Young Juve, T.Y. and Lil Soulja Slim, whose fathers were Juvenile, B.G., and Soulja Slim respectively, navigate their paths to success which […]

The First Cut

The Black barbershop is a sanctuary. It is Saturday morning’s babysitter and Saturday night’s self esteem. The relationship between Black barbers and their clients is an intimate one, which makes the barbershop a safe haven for talking sports, talking politics, talking women, and talking shit. With Grammy-nominated, Durham-native Phonte Coleman at the helm, THE FIRST […]


Black men refusing to drown in a pool of low life expectancy; Slice explores how Rico and his homeboys from Memphis deal with the complexities of summers by submerging themselves in a swimming art form of athleticism, creativity, and joy called slicing. This story centers black men experiencing joy through an art form of swimming […]

This Belongs to Us

The practice of brewing beer is as old as human civilization. It is a craft that was originally practiced by women in parts of the world we now refer to as Africa and the East, but looking at the modern, craft brewing industry in the United States, you would never know.The epicenter of this industry […]

The Land of Fish and Grits

America loves Southern food, but there’s plenty of confusion and heartache wrapped up in this comfort cuisine. The Land of Fish & Grits is an episodic series and live experience guided in the flyest way possible by Justin Robinson and Gabrielle Eitienne. Robinson is a seasoned botanist, chef, and Grammy-winning musician (Carolina Chocolate Drops), searching […]

Borders and Belonging: A portfolio of photographs from the U.S.–Mexico Border Project (2007-2016)

Borders and Belonging: A portfolio of photographs from the U.S.–Mexico border consists of 25 photographs made between 2007-2015 of the border landscape along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo in the Rio Grande Valley. Since 2007, Susan Harbage Page has made yearly pilgrimages to walk the U.S–Mexico border and photograph the landscape and the objects left behind […]

When Porgy Came Home

Since 1935, the opera Porgy and Bess has received national and worldwide acclaim, yet it did not debut in Charleston, SC – the city of its birth – until 1970 due to racial tension. The amateur production received national attention and was credited for “bringing the races together.” Every cast member went on to do […]