Overland is an adventurous modern‐day odyssey thru the portal of the ancient art of falconry. In spite of dwindling wilderness, tense geopolitical relations and vanishing cultural traditions, falconers engage in a rare and challenging partnership with birds of prey. Our characters immerse in dramatic landscapes from the American prairies, to the Scottish moors, to the […]


Overburden is the story of a fiery, pro-coal right-winger and a tenacious, environmentalist grandmother as they take on the most dangerous coal company in America. These two lives intertwine as Betty and Lorelei unite to launch the first wind farm in coal country and to rebuild their fractured community. Decades after Barbara Kopple filmed Harlan […]

Rodents of Unusual Size

The fragile wetlands of Louisiana are under relentless attack by legions of 20-pound semi-aquatic invasive rodents known as nutria, which have greatly accelerated coastal erosion and made the bayou much more vulnerable to hurricanes. Keeping the giant swamp rats at bay are a group of colorful and off-beat residents, who are in the midst of […]

Mountain Top Removal

Throughout southern Appalachia mountaintop removal coal mining is on the rise, blasting and leveling highland forests and streams. The process literally changes the geology of the region. Citizens negatively impacted by the resulting flooding, pollution, and destruction of their homes are fighting back to oppose commercial coal companies’ impact on their lives and communities. Producer […]

On Coal River

At the heart of America’s hope for a “clean coal” future lies the decimation of West Virginia’s richest landscapes. More profound still is the heavy toll on human lives playing out just beneath the surface. Armed with the power of their convictions, four individuals emerge as heroes from the scattered voices of their valley, forcing […]

Bringing It Home

A father’s search to find the healthiest building materials leads him to the completion of the nation’s first hemp house. Hemp with lime is a non-toxic, energy-efficient, mildew-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant building material. The drawback: although research is legal in some states, hemp remains off-limits to almost all U.S. farmers. Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive […]

Can’t Stop the Water

For 170 years, a Native American Cajun community has occupied Isle de Jean Charles, a tiny island deep in the bayous of South Louisiana. For these Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians, their land is more than simply a place to live. It is the epicenter of their people and traditions. Here, for eight generations, their ancestors cultivated a […]

Bridging Rails to Trails: Stories of the American Tobacco Trail

The American Tobacco Trail is a rail-to-trail conversion project that stretches more than 22-miles. It is a living history of Durham, North Carolina’s tobacco boom, the D&SC rail line, lost towns, race relations, and development over the last 100 years. Travel down the trail through this interactive documentary of video, audio, timelines, interviews, archives, and […]

After Coal

What happens when fossil fuels run out? After Coal explores the experiences of both Welsh and Appalachian coal-mining communities, profiling inspiring individuals who are creating a new future for these hard-hit regions. Viewers will meet ex-miners who use theater to rebuild community infrastructure and spirit, women who moved from supporting striking miners to creating their […]