You’re Muslim?

YOU’RE MUSLIM? is about Najma’s upbringing, identity, and community. This story will be told from an honest, raw and reflective space. Archival footage will visualize the African American Muslim experience. Animation will be used to retell key moments in her childhood. And interviews with her parents will be conducted intimately while they move about their […]

Living Off the Line: Stories from The Clothesline Muse

Living Off the Line: Stories from The Clothesline Muse is a feature-length documentary about the making of a play, and the wealth of cultural experiences and wisdom generated by centuries of African-American women who made a living by taking in the wash. It will capture what may be the only testimony from washerwomen who are currently […]

Raising Bertie

Bertie County, North Carolina is like many rural counties struggling economically due to the closures of manufacturing plants. Bertie’s second largest employer, Wrangler, closed in 2003. The largest employers now are Perdue Chicken and Bertie County Public Schools. For many youth who choose to stay in their community, factory work, farming and the military are […]

United Skates

This feature length film documents an underground subculture growing inside our country’s last standing roller rinks, from LA to North Carolina to Chicago, shedding light on the recurring pattern of racial struggle through this undiscovered artistic movement. Awarded production grant. Director | Tina Brown & Dyana Winkler

Summer Headstones

Abandoned and repurposed public pools litter the Southern landscape, silent monuments to a time when white officials abruptly closed pools down, instead of allowing African Americans to swim in them. Summer Headstones explores the urban decay of municipal swimming pools in the Southern United States, due to their closure and abandonment by white officials after […]

Not Your Model Minority! Asian Activists in the South

Queer, Rad, Asian: three southern activists organize with the intersectional resistance against white supremacy and the cis-hetero-patriarchy. Asian Pacific Americans are the fastest growing ethnic group in the South, with the ability to affect voting blocs in predominantly red states. This is a critical period for the formation of Asian-American identity in the South. We […]


Homeland/Wetland is a short experimental documentary that takes a hyper-local look at the nearly extinct South Louisiana lifestyle of living off of the land and in extended family compounds. Strategies for independent survival are a Louisiana inheritance. But, as large multi-nationals corner traditionally local markets and squeeze out local knowledge workers, what were once well-known […]

Los Desobedientes (The Disobedient Ones)

After 20 years of living in the U.S., an undocumented family decides to return home. Little do they know it will be the most difficult journey of their lives. Set between the backdrop of the rodeo rings of eastern North Carolina and the spellbinding Mexican hometown they long for, Los Desobedientes (the Disobedient Ones) is a story […]