Gen X: A Chemical Cocktail

Elijah, a UNC student, heard from a friend that the water in his hometown had been contaminated by a chemical called GenX. Upon digging deeper, he was shocked by how much of the news was tainted by misinformation. Particularly, that the water actually contained not just GenX, but an entire cocktail of toxic chemicals known […]

Between the Rains

In a remote corner of Kenya, a thin river cuts through two warring communities surviving in an increasingly barren landscape. As rivaling elders offer empty treaties, a shepherd boy is sent to the frontlines of a conflict, while a mother tries to organize a female alliance that transcends tribal lines in an effort to break […]

Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?

Lt. Wes Van Dorn was a strapping and widely revered Naval Academy graduate and pilot who flew the 53E, a Cold War-era helicopter. Used by the Navy and Marines to sweep for mines and carry¬†troops and heavy equipment, the chopper had become the deadliest aircraft in the military. Troubled by what he saw, Van Dorn […]