Change Journey: Facing Terminal Illness

Change Journey: Facing Terminal Illness follows the story of one patient, Debbie Ellington, as she reflects on her life changes from the time she discovers her cancer to her final days. Debbie’s journey demonstrates the stages of a universal change process first described by renowned family therapist, Virginia Satir. The film maps her progression through these stages and reveals the importance of her relationship with the Hospice staff that supports her.

In many ways, Debbie’s story is our story. While the change she faces–terminal illness–is literally life altering, her process of coping and adapting is, at its core, the same one we pass through when facing a divorce or a move, a new baby or a job layoff.

This documentary training DVD and companion guide will be particularly relevant to social workers, physicians, nurses, clergy and spiritual counselors working with patients like Debbie who are facing terminal illness in Hospice or clinical settings. But it can also help others facing major life changes–and those in the helping professions supporting them–better understand the change process, their needs, and possible interventions.

Directors | Diana Newton & Dr. Steven Channing