Questions Checklist R&D Grant

Application for Research and Development Grant Questions

Tell us about yourself (Please fill out only one of the two groups below. )

Current filmmakers:

What are the accomplishments during your film career that you are most proud of?

What does success look like for you as a filmmaker?

What challenges do you face as a filmmaker in the South?

Current non-filmmakers:  

Please describe the artistic work you have done in the past.

What attracts you to the medium of documentary film?

Is there a particular film or filmmaker that you see as a model for the kind of work you want to do and why?

What challenges do you face as an artist in the South?


What are you hoping this documentary will be about? (Approximately 1 to 2 pages)

Connection To Story

What is your connection to the story?  In your answer, please discuss your relationship to the subject matter and characters.

What inspired you to pursue making this film? (Approximately 1 to 2 paragraphs)

Artistic Approach

How do you plan on telling the story visually? (Approximately 2 to 3 paragraphs)

Grant Impact

Should you receive a grant, describe how any granted funds would be spent.

Should you receive a grant, describe how the amount requested would help move your project forward.

Work Sample

Present us with a work sample(s) that best shows us who you are: as a filmmaker, as an artist, as a creative, or simply as a visionary.  

Work samples may include anything visual, including:

Films, trailers, animations, music videos, Instagram posts, lookbooks, mood boards, drawings or paintings.  

               Insert URL and password

Describe the sample(s) you are submitting for consideration, including its narrative, aesthetic, or communication intentions and why you chose to present it to us for this grant.

Please attach a bio or resume.