In September 2012, filmmaker Rebecca Kenyon vacated her London apartment to fund a yearlong journey spending time with homeless people in North Carolina. She was drawn to the coastal city of Wilmington, where many people are given a one-way bus ticket and the address of a local shelter. In the wake of the recent economic crisis, she discovered that homelessness in the US has no bounds.

From a former marine with a career in local government, to a charismatic young female impersonator living under a bridge, Rebecca follows their stories as they resiliently navigate obtaining healthcare and education, avoiding foreclosure, and life on the streets.

Some make the transition to the fragile stability of employment and housing; others fall deeper through the cracks. With touches of dark humor and an intimate, honest style, this film freshly explores what is essential for physical and emotional survival, and evokes dialogue long afterwards.

Director | Rebecca Kenyon

Producers | Rebecca Kenyon & Dan Brawley