Tips: Here’s a look at the guidelines our panelist consider!

  1. Subject Matter:

Is the subject matter compelling?

Does the story summary make you curious to learn more?

Is it a story you’ve never heard before, or

is it a known story told from a new angle?


  1. Connection to story:

Is this the right team to tell this story?

Do you feel confident they have the collective skill-set and perspectives to do justice to the subject matter?

Do they evidence a strong connection to story, in your opinion?


  1. Artistic Approach:

Does the maker(s) bring an artistic vision to the storytelling?

Does the Artistic Approach section reveal a strong sense of visual style?

Are they able to describe their vision for the story in a compelling way?


  1. Audience: Do they have a strong idea of whom the audience is for this project?


  1. Feasibility:

In looking over the maker’s previous work (if they have made other films), the budget and the funding to date, do you feel confident this project will get finished?

Does the budget total make sense for the scope of the project?


  1. Work sample:

Does the work sample match, exceed or fall short of your expectation after reading the application?


  1. More about the filmmaker:

Does the maker reveal their motivation for this work?

Do they make the case for taking a chance on supporting them?