Winterfest 2016 was a Winner!

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Many thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, filmmakers, musicians, and YOU for making this such a memorable evening…and to Elizabeth Galecke for photographing it:


DSC_0772  DSC_0757 DSC_0716  DSC_0602

    DSC_0681  DSC_1017  DSC_0810  

DSC_0728  DSC_0680  DSC_0746  

DSC_0787  DSC_0687  DSC_0714 DSC_0865

 DSC_0894    DSC_0813   DSC_0821

DSC_0832    DSC_0922   DSC_0773

 DSC_0912   DSC_0991   DSC_0695   DSC_0639

DSC_0923  DSC_0732   

DSC_0974  DSC_0966