2018 Artists Convening Save the Dates!

When craft feels more like play...

SDF Artists Convening turns 5!

When we began the Artists Convening in 2014, we were both surprised and thrilled that 30+ people were interested enough to show up for a weekend-long training session in documentary filmmaking. Building on the notion that we are stronger together than apart, we have quadrupled in size and have a more diverse participation across the entire South. It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2018 SDF Artists Convening will take place from June 1st through the 3rd! We’ve read your notes from last year, and are devising ways to give you more of what you need! Stay tuned for developments and announcements about speakers and programs in the coming months.


This is a film about justice, injustice and the death penalty.


What would you do if someone you love was raped, tortured, or murdered? How would you seek justice? In the Executioner's Shadow takes us into the rarely seen world of death row with Jerry Givens, who conducted 62 executions for the State of Virginia and is haunted by how close he came to executing an innocent man. It follows survivor Karen Brassard, who was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, and her deep moral conflict while she attends the trial. It defies our perception of justice as Vicki and Syl Schieber ultimately choose to fight for the life of their daughter's rapist and murderer. Remember, tickets are FREE.