Fresh Docs is SDF’s monthly, free work-in-progress screening series, in partnership with Duke's Center for Documentary Studies.

The Ties That Bind

Over twelve years ago, filmmaker Diana Newton’s former brother, Christopher, came out to her as transgender. Suddenly she had a sister, Christine. But would it prove to be a tipping point or a breaking point for their family? Just how strong or fragile would their family ties prove to be?


Reel South is a public television showcase for documentaries about the American South, a co-production of SDF, UNC-TV, and SCETV.

Reel South: Season 1

The American South – its history, people, culture, and landscape are infused with a sense of heritage like no place else in the country – or the world. Introducing Reel South, a new anthology series that highlights the masterful, provocative Southern tradition of storytelling, exploring the alluring and complicated region and its diverse voices and points of view.