Southern Documentary Fund is based in Durham, North Carolina and serves documentary filmmakers living or working in the American South – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

We support artists throughout the South, pointing their lenses wherever they choose—locally, around the region, or internationally. We also work with artists from all over the country who have chosen to tell a Southern story. 

Fiscal Sponsorship
SDF is currently sponsoring over 75 inspiring and important documentaries, collaborating closely on getting these projects funded, made, and seen.

Filmmaking Grants
Each year, SDF is proud to award 20 cash grants to filmmakers telling stories they are connected to, that fully represent the complexity and nuance of the American South.  

Fresh Docs
Fresh Docs is SDF’s free, monthly, work-in-progress screening series. These screenings give SDF filmmakers an opportunity to show their work fresh from the edit suite, and receive constructive feedback on story, structure, and characters from a diverse audience. As a result, not only do our artists make better films, but SDF grows documentary audiences by engaging them meaningfully in the creative process.

Artists Convening
The SDF Annual Artists Convening takes place each spring in Durham, NC. Filmmakers from around the South and beyond are invited for a weekend of enlightening workshops, panels, and pitch sessions, combined with a healthy dose of community building and peer networking.