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Hollow Tree

Hollow Tree is a feature documentary that tells the interconnected stories of three young women coming of age in Louisiana during a time of rapid

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With the northern white rhino species on the brink of extinction, two ranger recruits are mentored by a seasoned ranger with an unorthodox approach to

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Rodents of Unusual Size

The fragile wetlands of Louisiana are under relentless attack by legions of 20-pound semi-aquatic invasive rodents known as nutria, which have greatly accelerated coastal erosion

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Nick Nolan is an Appalachian prodigal son working against the odds to resurrect the family farm. Nick, his wife Celeste, and their young family are

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Overland is an adventurous modern‐day odyssey thru the portal of the ancient art of falconry. In spite of dwindling wilderness, tense geopolitical relations and vanishing

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Gen X: A Chemical Cocktail

Told from a first-person account, this film targets the inadequacies of taking the “safe until proven dangerous” method of regulating environmental pollutants. The documentary–a synthesis

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