These Kids This City

These Kids This City is a film about the young people of Liberty City Miami and its infamous bike culture, showcased on its unofficial Martin Luther King Day holiday; where thousands flood the streets with their dirt bikes and four wheelers riding in a form of rebellion and community. In light of a hate crime […]

Black Mountain Spaces

From the 1940’s to the 1970’s, Central Appalachia lost, in some cases 75% of it’s Black population due to out-migration. The patterns of the Great Migration saw the abandonment of once thriving cultural infrastructure in mountain towns and farming communities. This film explores a journey through the historic African American cultural, social and religious spaces […]

Saltwata Vibes: Sankofa Seeds from Geechee Roots (working title)

Saltwata follows the brother and sister – children of Ron and Natalie Daise, from popular 1990s Nickelodeon TV show “Gullah Gullah Island”. Chronicling their generation of Gullah Geechee, together they face the challenges of finding an identity when you are born within a culture, that is within a culture, that is within a culture. The […]

Captain Scott B and the Ingredients for a Magical Life (working title)

Betsy’s father, Scott, was her best friend. When he dies following a 4-year dance with cancer, Betsy finds herself lost in dark sadness unlike any she’d known, until her dad’s old home movies and journals cast a light. Something in the unmitigated joy of Scott’s storytelling stirs her soul and she sets about finishing the […]


Some say that grief is love that has nowhere to go. This film paints the image that grief is an everlasting love that’s begging to be repurposed. This feature-length documentary intimately displays a mother’s love during her dying days and her three grieving sons’ quest to honor her memory through comedy, music, and fly fishing. […]

Gen X: A Chemical Cocktail

Elijah, a UNC student, heard from a friend that the water in his hometown had been contaminated by a chemical called GenX. Upon digging deeper, he was shocked by how much of the news was tainted by misinformation. Particularly, that the water actually contained not just GenX, but an entire cocktail of toxic chemicals known […]

Between the Rains

In a remote corner of Kenya, a thin river cuts through two warring communities surviving in an increasingly barren landscape. As rivaling elders offer empty treaties, a shepherd boy is sent to the frontlines of a conflict, while a mother tries to organize a female alliance that transcends tribal lines in an effort to break […]

Rock Castle Home

In the mid-1930s, the Blue Ridge Parkway was born. As Rock Castle Gorge became part of the National Park Service’s plan to lure tourists to the Blue Ridge, farm families living there had to be moved. Parkway officials set about acquiring their land. But the story does not end there. Generations later, Rock Castle descendants […]