Today, the red wolf is facing a decision that will ultimately decide its fate as a species. Over the course of its history, it has gone from abundant to extinct in the wild, and finally exists today as a small re-introduced wild population near the coast of North Carolina. This year, the state requested that the federal government list the species extinct in the wild and terminate its official support for the re-introduction program. This would make the red wolf extinct in the wild for the second time in thirty years. In an effort to understand how this decision came to be, and before the federal government makes their decision, Red Wolf Revival aims to help facilitate an open dialogue about the future of red wolves. Is there room for this predator, or is it facing its final days? What does this decision mean for other endangered species in the US? The film features landowners, writers, scientists, politicians, and concerned citizens and examines the cultural landscape in the region, how the story became urgent, and the implications of the decisions to come. With the fate of the red wolves at stake, Red Wolf Revival investigates whether or not they can still survive in their last wild home in North Carolina.

Director | Roshan Patel

Producers | Madison McClintock, Roshan Patel