Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound is a documentary film of one summer week when 50 ordinary American girls learn to sing extraordinary music in the manner of the great British cathedral choirs. Relish beauty in sight and sound of remarkable young  people who willingly rise at dawn to march through morning mist to sit on hard pews for the sake of offering themselves to God through music. They rehearse until they are sure they can distinguish a crotchet from a quaver and discover that they are called to lives of service through music and beyond.  Told primarily through two choristers, these young people take to heart the words of the Mass as not mere words, but the means by which humans relate to heaven.  They carry the torch of sacred traditions nearly lost in our world today.  These choristers sing not simply to preserve this music for museum archives, but as something made alive and relevant through the very breath of their being.  

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Robin Arcus