The Black Future Manifest[o] is a living, breathing audio archive that will attempt to answer the questions, what needs to be done and what is currently being done to ensure a future for all Black people? BFM tackles difficult issues such as race, patriarchy, and capitalism while considering each relationship to the lives of Black folk, particularly in the United States. We want this podcast to not only spark conversation but bring the players from all backgrounds, organizers, activists, students, professionals, the OGs, scholars, and academics. We want to remedy unintended ignorance, acknowledge trauma done by the State to Black folx, and ground us in know-how and healing so we can move towards a future for *ALL Black people. On BFM, we are giving roses to our people while they are still here and letting us Black folk be the narrator of our own stories.

*All, as in all African diasporic people. ALL of the iterations of Black folk and ways we are marginalized in society: poor, queer, convicted, incarcerated, homeless, differently-abled, neurotypical. all. of. us.

Project Director | Micah Gilmer

Secondary Project Director | Mariah Monsanto