The New New South

The New New South is an online magazine of documentary work about the American South. Through immersive storytelling, we explore the ever-shifting terrain of this region, examining both what endures and what is yet emerging, and stopping at unexpected intersections along the way.

Our magazine seeks to examine the subtleties of the South, the weight of its history, and the persistent identity crisis that seems to characterize it, hence our name. Rather than presuppose a singular Southern identity or experience, we invite our audience into the conversations we and our contributors are having about this region. 

Since its launch in August 2013, The New New South has published three works, which were sold as multimedia e-books that incorporated photography, audio, and video using the innovative Atavist platform. In late 2014, Director Andrew Park joined with a group of students at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University to expand The New New South with a new web site incorporating shorter content published with a greater frequency. 

When The New New South relaunches, it will feature a diverse array of stories told through every documentary medium: a journey into sweepstakes parlors and their impact on poor Southern communities, a meditation on the burgeoning art scene in Atlanta, a look at the rebirth of North Carolina tobacco through vaping, an investigation into a notorious murder in 1970s Memphis, and a sketch of the history of documentary arts in the South to the present day. We will also feature a photo essay on Cape Lookout, North Carolina, and short films on the Button King Museum in South Carolina and an autistic fiddle teacher in Asheville.



Andrew Park