Tommy! The Dreams I Keep Inside Me

I met Tommy by pure chance a few years ago, while filming a project with autistic teenagers. I was immediately struck by his love for life and his desire to share his gift with the world. Tommy is a sixty year-old autistic man with the life long dream of singing with a Big Band. I decided to make a documentary and follow how Tommy, against all odds, armed with his golden voice and his all-American optimism, embarks on a quest to have the “world on a string”. (Hint, he loves Sinatra)

I went with Tommy inside his community of autistic adults, the world of jazz musicians, his ups and downs, his work, his quirks and even his dirty laundry. The intention of the film is for you to get to know Tommy devoid of all outside commentary and bring you as close possible to what it feels like to be him, a man full of vibrant contradictions, deep human insights and a contagious sense of humor.

Director | Rodrigo Dorfman