A father’s search to find the healthiest building materials leads him to the completion of the nation’s first hemp house. Hemp with lime is a non-toxic, energy-efficient, mildew-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant building material. The drawback: although research is legal in some states, hemp remains off-limits to almost all U.S. farmers. Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant grown in 31 other countries that makes thousands of sustainable products and offers solutions for global warming, nutrition, poverty, and deforestation. Here in the U.S., hemp could be a money-making crop for farmers and create jobs for myriad other professionals. But why can’t we grow it here?

Since 2013, Bringing It Home has been part of a national outreach campaign to educate consumers and lawmakers about hemp’s uses for healthy, sustainable nutrition products, construction materials, bio-composites, textiles, body care products, and more. The film has helped support policy change to bring this beneficial crop back to America’s farmers for a greener future. Educational and Community screening distribution with Bullfrog Films.

Directors | Linda Booker, Blaire Johnson