Used once and tossed, billions of plastic straws wind up in landfills and streets finding their way to oceans. Oscar winner Tim Robbins narrates the history and story of STRAWS, and marine researchers, citizen activists, and business owners discuss how it’s possible to make a sea of change, one straw at a time. STRAWS is proud to be a part of an environmental impact campaign coordinated by Video Project, a San Francisco-based educational film distributor.

The objectives of this campaign are:

  • Educate and inspire up to 250,000 youths in the U.S. with film screenings, free curriculum and activism lessons ,guest speakers and evaluation surveys to measure behavioral change of student’s relationship to single use plastics.
  • Give students in grades 5-12 an understanding of the history of straws, how they’re made with fossil fuels and why plastic pollution is harmful and deadly to countless marine animals.
  • Promote alternatives to plastic straws and inspire students and parents to use less single use plastics

Since its April 2017 premiere, it has screened in 40 film festivals, 34 corporate offices and 100s of community screening hosts worldwide to advance sustainable practices and policies including a pilot youth impact program with EarthxFilm, touring over 20 schools in Dallas, TX. Linda Booker is a water-loving traveler and founder of By the Brook Productions based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Linda’s childhood play instilled a respect for nature that today influences her mission to make entertaining films that inspire possibilities for a healthier planet. Prior to STRAWS, Booker produced and directed “Love Lived on Death Row” and “Bringing It Home,” an award-winning documentary about the many benefits and uses of industrial hemp. She completed the Certificate in Documentary Film Arts from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in 2005.

Director | Linda Booker